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Accu-Tech Full Spectrum fluorescents  provides accurate color matching technology by simulating the full color and ultraviolet spectrum of natural outdoor light.

This extraordinary light is achieved by using rare phosphors which are blended in order to obtain the Accu-Tech color which produces a desirable Kelvin temperature and high Color-Rendering-Index.

Best of all the Accu-Tech Fluorescents are economically priced at a cost which is generally half the price of our competitors equivalent product.



  • 20,000+ Hours rated life
  • Kelvin Temperature 5765 Degrees
  • C.R.I. 92 (Color Rendering Index)
  • Optimizes Color-Matching
  • Precise spectral distribution
  • Reduced glare
  • Direct replacement of existing tubes
  • Competitively priced


Accu-Tech� Vs. Vita-Lite�


Accu-Tech Vita-Lite�
Watts 40 40
Kelvin Temperature 5765K 5500K
C.R.I. 90 91
Average Hours 20,000 20,000
Approx. Lumens 2200 2180

Accu-Tech Vs. Cool White



Cool White

Watts 40 34
Kelvin Temperature 5765K 4200K
C.R.I. 90 62
Average Hours 20,000+ 20,000+
Approx. Lumens 2200 2700

Accu-Tech Vs. Warm White


Accu-Tech Warm White
Watts 40 34
Kelvin Temperature 5765K 3000K
C.R.I. 90 52
Average Hours 20,000+ 20,000+
Approx. Lumens 2200 2750

Order Online

Select correct size below and press Add To Shopping Cart to order. Please note the F40/Accu-Tech/FS can only be ordered in a 30-Pack or a 12-Pack and prices below are for the pack. All other types can be ordered in any quantity and prices are per lamp.

Our Part # F40/Accu-Tech/FS 4' Fluorescent Tube 30-Pack

Fits 2X4 Ceiling Fixture can be used in place of any standard 4' fluorescent tube.

Price: $238.50 Per 30-Pack (7.95 each)

Made in USA

Our Part # F40/Accu-Tech 4' Fluorescent Tube 12 Pack

Fits 2X4 Ceiling Fixture can be used in place of any standard 4' fluorescent tube.

F40T12/Accu-Tech 12-Pack
Qty: Price: $107.40 Per 12-Pack ($7.95 each)

Made in USA

PL36/AccuTech Full Spectrum

Our Part # PL36/Accu-Tech 2G11 4-Pin

Fits Waldmann, NevinLabs, AccuTech and others

Qty: Price: $15.95

Technical Terms

Color Rendering Index (CRI) A key performance characteristic, color rendering, is the ability of the light source to represent colors in objects. The relative measure of this ability is color rendering index or CRI which rates the light sources on a scale of 0 to 100.

The higher the CRI, the more vibrant or close to natural the colors of objects appear. Natural daylight has been assigned a CRI of 100 at a Kelvin temperature of between 5000-7500K. The Accu-Tech performs at 90 CRI which produces excellent color rendition when color matching is critical.

Correlated Color Temperature(Kelvin),  Color temperature or chromaticity refers to the color appearance of the light that comes from a light source. Also referred to as Correlated Color Temperature (CTT), the apparent color of light source is measured in Kelvin or "K".

Imagining a piece of iron (a horseshoe, for instance) in a fire can help you visualize color temperature in lamp types designated as "warm" or "cool". At first the iron becomes "red-hot". Red is the color of light be generated by the metal at a certain temperature. Continuing to heat the metal makes it "white-hot", and heating it further would cause it to become "blue-hot" (like flash bulbs or stars).

In describing color temperatures a low color temperature corresponds to a "warm" or a red yellow appearance like incandescent lamps at 2700 Kelvin. "Cool" light comes from light sources like cool white fluorescent lamps operating at 4100 Kelvin. The higher the Kelvin temperature, the whiter and then the bluer the light. In the case of the Accu-Tech at 5900 Kelvin this produces a color on the blue spectrum very close to natural daylight.

Lumen is the unit that expresses the total quantity of light given off by a source, regardless of direction. A lumen is defined as the amount of light falling on a surface of one square foot, every point which is one foot away from a source of one candlepower. A uniform source of one candlepower placed in a sphere emits 12.57 lumens.


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