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For Accurate Color Matching Technology at a fraction of the cost choose ACCU-TECH Full Spectrum lighting products.

Spraybooth Lighting for SUPERIOR Results...  
When's the last time you've heard owners and managers complain about painters not being able to properly and consistently match colors? The painters first response is typically to blame the paint brand, switch paint supplies, and then still experience the same type of problems. In most cases by simply replacing the  fluorescent tubes with the proper "Color Corrected"  tubes, color matching problems decrease dramatically.
Choosing the RIGHT Light for your Spraybooth
There are two main factors to consider when purchasing  "TRUE" Color Corrected Tubes:
1. The color rendering index (CRI) needs to be a minimum of 90 or above. Don't be fooled by lamps that are rated 80-85 CRI and still being sold as Color Corrected Full Spectrum.
2. Kelvin Temperature needs to be between 5000-6500.
What's the COST?  
While it's true "Colored Corrected" tubes do cost considerably more to manufacturer as compared to conventional Cool White tubes you don't have to pay a fortune to  equip your shop with High Quality fluorescent tubes. Accu-Tech is committed to providing the same quality you would expect to pay $12-$14 per tube from our competitors for as low as $6.95 per tube in full case quantities of 30 or more tubes.


Accu-Tech Full Spectrum fluorescents  provides accurate color matching technology by simulating the full color and ultraviolet spectrum of natural outdoor light.

This extraordinary light is achieved by using rare phosphors which are blended in order to obtain the Accu-Tech color which produces a desirable Kelvin temperature and high Color-Rendering-Index.

Best of all the Accu-Tech Fluorescents are economically priced at a cost which is generally half the price of our competitors equivalent product.



  • 20,000 Hours rated life
  • Kelvin Temperature 5765 Degrees
  • C.R.I. 92 (Color Rendering Index)
  • Optimizes Color-Matching
  • Precise spectral distribution
  • Reduced glare
  • Direct replacement of existing tubes
  • Competitively priced

Order Online

Select correct size below and press Add To Shopping Cart to order. Please note the F40/Accu-Tech/FS can only be ordered in a 30-Pack or a 12-Pack and prices below are for the pack. All other types can be ordered in any quantity and prices are per lamp.

Our Part # F40/AT/FS 4' Fluorescent Tube 30-Pack

Fits Spray Booths utilizing F40T12 style lamps with standard magnetic ballast.

Qty: Price: $238.50 Per 30-Pack (7.95 each)

Our Part # F40/Accu-Tech  4' Fluorescent Tube 12 Pack

Fits Spray Booths utilizing F40T12 style lamps with standard magnetic ballast.

F40T12/Accu-Tech 12-Pack
Qty: Price: $107.40 Per 12-Pack ($8.95 each)

Photo not available

Our Part # F32T8/Accu-Tech  4' Fluorescent Tube 25 Pack

Fits Spray Booths utilizing newer  F32T8 style lamps with Electronic ballast.

F32T8/Accu-Tech 25-Pack
Qty: Price: $ 223.75 Per 25-Pack ($8.95 each)


Need More Light?

Try our "New" Accu-Tech Plus Fluorescent Tubes...

5765 Kelvin - 92 CRI

Powerful 3120 Lumens - 40% Brighter than standard T12 Lamps

Photo not available

Our Part # F40T12/Accu-Tech  4' Fluorescent Tube 25 Pack

Fits Spray Booths utilizing F40T12 style lamps with standard magnetic ballast.

F40T12/Accu-Tech/Ultra 30-Pack
Qty: Price: $328.50 Per 30-Pack ($10.95 each)

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