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Full Spectrum Lighting Products...Get the benefits of natural daylight indoors. 


Full Spectrum Lighting

Incandescent Lamps Reflector Lamps  MR16 Halogen 
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Provides a pure comfortable white light closely mimicking natural lighting. Easy on your eyes, better for reading. Use in floor and table lamps.  Crisp vibrant colors at a flick of a switch! Enhances your living and working environment. Use in track lighting or recessed fixtures.
Accent lighting providing a beam of pure white light, ideal for illuminating painting, sculptures, works of art ... and for all your home or commercial applications.
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Par Lamps Ecolume Compact Fluorescent  
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The ideal choice for commercial applications that require high efficiency with outmost color discrimination. Recommended for display lighting of jewelry stores, art galleries, museums, etc.

Bright white full spectrum light saves energy, lasts up to 10,000 hours. Available from 15W to 25W. (15W = 75W; 20W = 100W).  

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